Final Project

The final project consists of creating a presentation on a designer of your choice. The designer must be “known” and have years of experience. You will research the designer, and become familiar with his/her work and style. You will create a slide presentation, explaining why you chose this particular designer, displaying the biography, explaining his/her style and how social climate influenced it, at least 6 pieces of work (10 preferred), and any other relevant information. While you can choose any designer we talked about in class, you will receive extra credit points if you pick some else.

Your presentation design must be legible, but also reflect the style of the chosen designer. Why should you imitate someone else’s style? Because this is a great way to improve your own design skills. Read this Smashing magazine article on the subject: even if it focuses on web design, it is still very relevant to any design or art.

You will be graded on various elements:
• the content of your presentation
• the quality of your slide show
• your ability to replicate the designer’s style
• your oral presentation

• You need to choose your designer by day 5. Remember I have veto power
• Your final presentation will be due on the last day of class. Come prepared to present it to the class, and make sure you send me the link (or email it to me)

Most of all, have fun with this project!


inspired by this image

inspired by this image